These are college entrance examinations and most colleges require one or the other.  Some colleges will take scores from either test. All test requirements can be found on colleges’ websites, and students and their families are encouraged to begin looking at those requirements before Senior year. Student scores on these tests are only one factor that may determine whether or not an applicant is admitted to the school.  In our geographical area, the ACT is the test most commonly required by colleges.  All TN public school students are required to take the ACT. During their Junior year, our students will be registered for one free ACT test (without writing portion) to be taken in late March/early April.  

*Students applying for schools that require the SAT or specific SAT subject tests must register for those tests independently. 

*NEW*  The state is giving ALL seniors that took the ACT test here in April the opportunity to retake the ACT for free on Oct. 22nd  at a national test site (for example:  Columbia Central or Columbia State Community College).  The registration deadline is Friday, September 16, 2016.  You will either receive a “Fee Waiver” if you qualify for free/reduced lunch OR you will receive a “Retake Voucher”.  See Mrs. Reischman for waiver/voucher information.  You must register online at www.actstudent.org.  Here is a link to help with the online registration process:

ACT Online Registration Instructions

Test Prep 

Khan Academy   A library of over 3,500 videos on everything from arithmetic to physics, finance, and history and hundreds of skills to practice  

Math Help   Topical lessons and sample questions 

Ask Dr. Math   
College students answer kids’ math questions online 

ACT help from the ACT Website.  

SAT help from the College Board Website. 

Kaplan. You can sign up for customized test prep to fit you and your needs.